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Circle of Life:Arts for All, Inc. has played a key role in youth development since 2006 when Reggie Barall, Executive Director, partnered with the Inter-District consortium.  Our Mission is to make this beautiful, and exciting sport of dance/movement available to High School and Middle School students in New England.  They are funded by grants from the State of Connecticut.  Public and private schools in Connecticut, Massachusetts and throughout New England are welcome to join.

The inter-district ballroom program helps students in many ways.  First, it helps bring the wonderful art of dance sport into their lives.  Secondly, as an inter-district program, students who would otherwise never meet are able to come together, get to know each other, and overcome the many preconceived ideas they might otherwise have had of one another.  Lastly, of course, dance is a fun way to exercise.  It helps keep our students fit, healthy and strong.

We focus on Youth Development through the arts.  In 2010 we added an important educational component of developing the writing skills for our dance students.

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